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Discover smarter ways to find employment or expand your career.  

John Gilleland, CPCU

Ph (979) 255-9410

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John Gilleland's Job planning Kit

Download zip

1st 90 days at new job template.doc

A checklist for you to use to learn before you start any new job and use after you begins. Use this to help you get oriented and hit the ground running to build trust and succeed at your new job.

Career paths & job leads exercise.ppt
An exercise to recognize & target industries and companies to approach for interviews. Use this to see what companies you should target (learn about and approach).

Effort matrix & responses list.ppt
An exercise to set your expectations as a job hunter. Use this to determine what you should start doing to find employment that is better than the job you just lost quickly.

Employment negotiation advice.doc
A paper teaching readers how to negotiate terms of employment when offers are received. Read this and be prepared to make realistic counter offers when job offers are received.

How to search in the hidden job market.doc
A list of action steps. How to find and apply for jobs that are not advertised.

How to use a placement service.doc
A list of action steps. How to get the most for your money when you hire a placement firm to help you find better work.

Interview strategy.doc
Description of a model process. A model for preparing, conducting, and following up on interviews.

Interviewing guidelines.doc
Tips, rules, and suggestions. Use this to help you create your own interviewing strategy.

Job search emergency action plan.doc
A list of action steps. Follow the steps to quickly kick start your job search.

Job search tips.xls
A list of quotes. Opinions to use when critiquing your job search efforts.

John G's personal commercial.doc
Here's a high level summary of what I'm all about. I use this to introduce myself to recruiters or summarize my qualifications after interviews.

John G's speech to cpcus.doc
Most of what John Gilleland said during his speech on 1/27/04. Review the speaker's comments to understand who, what, when, where, why, how, and if the kit is needed.

List of career planning resources.doc
Explanation of life and career planning, development, and management resources. Use to begin or improve how you plan and manage your life &/or career.

Listing of job's requirements & your achievements.ppt
An exercise to help you learn about the job and how you'd fit in it. Use this to evaluate your understanding of the job and describe your relevant experience.

Marketing your ability to work.doc
A paper teaching readers how to market their skills to prospective employers. Read this and use the action plan on line 3 to develop a tailored program for your job search that will launch a career you'll love.

Plan for underwriter professional development.doc
A personal business activity/development template. A business plan tailored for use by underwriters.

Questions to consider asking interviewers.doc
Groups of questions. Questions for job hunters to use to learn more from interviewers.

Resume template.doc
A brief outline of a segment for a work history resume. Use to create segments of a rough draft resume to send off for critique.

Turning obstacles into solutions.doc
A form illustrating a problem-solving process. Follow the 7 steps to solve problems and explain how you solve problems to interviewers (from Jacobson & Assocs)

Using the web for job hunting.xls
A list of internet addresses. Use to get feedback about your resume and plans. Use to learn more about industries and companies use to find job openings, recruiters, and placement companies.